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Twister Tongue English iPhone App Review Video Review

Twist Your Tongue - English Tongue Twisters is a fun iOS app with 50 different tongue twisters to master!


And more weird shiz on #AnswerMeSenpai! Previous Episode: ▻ THE ANIME MAN APP (iOS):

ABC Sound Song: Tongue Twisters

Reading Level One -- Learn lowercase letters and corresponding sounds. This video helps students learn the alphabet and corresponding sounds that coincide with each letter. Each letter is in...

Balloonimals | Top Best Apps For Kids

Balloonimals is available for: iPad, iPhone + Android + Kindle Fire ➔ App Review: ➔ App Download (iPad/iPhone):

Talking ABC iOS App Review

Talking ABC is an iPhone app developed by Jutiful, with animations by +energetic- Animation Studio. This alphabet learning app is aimed at kids aged 2-7. Talking ABC is a charming app...

HiNative: Global Q&A Language Exchange App Review!

안녕하세용~! Download and check out HiNative for yourself!! Android: iOS: Web: Premium:

The Interactive Tongue Twister App

Sound Apps Berlin today unveils Twist Your Tongue - English Tongue Twisters 1.0 for iOS, an intelligent, interactive and social tongue twister app. Twist Your Tongue is a great way for kids...

Counting In Japanese Is Harder Than You Think (Japanese 101)

1, 2, 3, 4... wait, it's not simple? TRY OUT LINGUALIFT NOW: More Japanese 101: ▻ Crunchyroll...

Japanese Tongue Twisters - 早口言葉 (hayakuchi kotoba) - Niwa ni wa niwa niwatori ga iru

CLICK HERE→ Click the link above to go to today's video review to go over what we learned today and see related lessons! And don't...

Phonics Song 2

It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter. This is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. Written and performed by A.J.Jenkins Copyright...